SYN Front light Nanaimo 1200


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SYN Front light Nanaimo 1200 Sykkeltilbehør SYN Front light Nanaimo 1200 Sykkeltilbehør SYN Front light Nanaimo 1200 Sykkeltilbehør SYN Front light Nanaimo 1200 Sykkeltilbehør SYN Front light Nanaimo 1200 Sykkeltilbehør SYN Front light Nanaimo 1200 Sykkeltilbehør
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  • 5 modes incl Light sensitive
  • 1200 Lm max power
  • USB-C charging
  • Regular bracket included
  • Mounts neatly to Syncros iC


The Syncros Nanaimo 1200 light is a front mounting night light offering 1200 lumen of power from two LEDs and featuring 5 running modes. In light sensitive mode, the built in light sensor enables it to shift to the most efficient running mode between "to see" and "to be seen" depending on the ambiant lightening. A variety of mounts are available be it for a regular handlebar or our range of integrated cockpits such as the Fraser or Creston range, simply choose the right mount for you. On our integrated cockpits in particular, the device fits neatly under the bar for a clean and minimalist look. The body is constructed to allow for maximum cooling of the LEDs leading to longer and more powerful run times without the drop off in power usually associated with LED lights operating at high capacities. The USB-C port allows you to plug the light to higher amperage ports, shortening the charging time compared with standard Micro-USB ports.




    217g approx., bracket excluded

  • SIZE

    One size


    Running modes : High / Medium / Low / Flash / LIGHT SENSITIVE
    Output 1200Lm
    Running times, High 1h30 / Medium 3h / Low 6h / Flash 16h / LIGHT SENSITIVE 16h
    Lithium-Ion battery 5200mAh
    2 LED, OSRAM® OSCONIC® P3737
    Can be mounted on regular handlebar with supplied clamping bracket, or on Syncros Integrated cockpits through extra bracket
    USB-C rechargeable
    Charging time 6h30


    76x83x26mm (Light Only)


    Not compliant with StVZO



1h30 - 1200lm

3h - 800lm

6h - 400lm

16h - 200lm

16h - 100-600lm





Our light sensitive technology mode detects ambient light conditions to automatically shift from a flashing mode during the daytime to a pulse mode at night. While both help with rider visibility to traffic at any time of day, the nighttime mode importantly allows the cyclist to see where they are going.




Many competitors make claims about lumen power but actually the biggest issue with lights is overheating and the subsequant drop in output. Our engineers focused on cooling the LEDs and providing constant current at the upper ranges. Our 1200 lumen mode will stay at the 1200 lumen range not dip after a few minutes.



Light distribution on the trail was a focus of our engineers. One LED is orientated to light the trail ahead and give you the longest distance view possible while the other is a wider pattern but more diffused to light the immediate vicinity. This combination has been designed to provide the best visibility on the trail.



Super fast and efficient charging with the latest USB technology.




From maximum to minimum: steady high, medium, low, flashing & light sensitive mode.