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Contact points are some of the most crucial

parts of any bike and the saddle sees more

pressure than most.


Soaring, grinding, cruising and sprinting are part

of any ride but not every rider is the same. For

us here in Syncros this was at the hub of our new

saddle project, to further refine comfort and

performance tuned to the optimal body fit for

an off the shelf saddle.


Working with leading German bike fit company

Gebeomized our engineers analysed data from

thousands of rider pressure maps identifying 5

key parameters to define which saddle fits the

rider best: Sit bone distance, Main loading area,

Typical discomfort, Flexibility, Typical position on

the bike.


From this data our engineers created two

distinct shapes that addressed rider needs in

these crucial areas along with two options for

channel and cut out. For this we tested both

professional and amateur riders to get as wide

a profile as possible, analysing the five key

paramaters and matching them with pressure

mapping data. There are two steps to choosing

the right saddle for you - riding position and

channel or cut out design.






The first selection is between Endurance or Performance. This is mainly related to the position on the bike. In general if you ride

a bike geometry with an extreme position such as negative or long stem, high drop from saddle to stem you will be more likely in

the Performance category.







The regular saddle will fit the majority of riders, marked by a more upright

position, seated more towards the middle to back of the saddle and most

often riding on the hoods or top of the bars.

These riders sit primarily on the sit bones and therefore the wider

part of the saddle.


Our V-Concept performance saddle was developed for the more flexible

rider, particularly in the pelvis and lumbar spine, who tend to ride a

more aggressive position. These riders sit towards the front of the saddle

supported by their pubic rami. The riding position is lower in general and

requires a slightly different shaped saddle.





Aims for larger contact area. Goal is to reduce pressure spots while seated

on a larger surface area on the saddle still allowing contact with the saddle.



Higher sensitivity in symphysis region rider type. Generally riders

are on the front part of the pelvis and central part of the saddle nose. Cut

out transfers weight to the bones to either side as opposed to the middle.

Available in three rail styles - Carbon fibre, titanium and CrMo




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