SYNCROS Saddle Celista R 1,5 Channel

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SYNCROS Saddle Celista R 1,5 Channel Syncros Saddles SYNCROS Saddle Celista R 1,5 Channel Syncros Saddles
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  • Performance saddle
  • Women's Regular position
  • Titanium rails
  • Direct mount feature



Our new Performance woman's saddle, the Celista Regular is designed to reflect the more aggressive position preferred by racers but specifically for those who have normal to low pelvic and lumbar flexibility. This fits the more upright position that they favour, seated most often in the middle to back of the saddle. The 1.5 features titanium rails with a central channel for the perfect blend of support and comfort. Developed in conjunction with world renowned bike fit company Gebiomized, this saddle has been designed to offer the maximum tailored bike fit solution for an off the peg saddle.



RANGE OF USE: High Performance, Road and MTB

BASE: Carbon-reinforced nylon

RAILS: 7x7mm Hollow Titanium

FOAM: Light PU

COVER: Microfabric

SHAPE: Channel

FEATURES: Ideal for riders who like a more aggressive position on the bike
Double density carbon fiber-reinforced shell for a balance between strength and light weight
Durable, hollow titanium rails
Light PU foam for comfort all day long
Pressure relief channel des